Network System Support

Total Network System Support

Total System Support consolidates all of our services into a “bundled” and comprehensive package that includes every Advanced Business Systems’ services module. Contracting for system support and maintenance/repair services via the Total System Support Program assures the client that a single source of technology experts with an intimate familiarity of their system advises and supports them with every aspect of their computer system from system design and planning to implementation, computer repair, computer networking, regular system maintenance and ongoing system management.

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Within our direct service area that includes New Jersey and the metro areas of Philadelphia and New York City, services are provided by Advanced Business Systems’ staff.

Outside these areas, we have a national network of support professionals who maintain excellent credentials and certifications on all major operating systems, system platforms and hardware. Another benefit of our national network of technicians is the security of knowing that only tech specialists that are A+Certified System Engineers, Vendor Certified Network Engineers, and Vendor Certified technicians are working with your system. Each service provider within our network is contractually obligated to provide timely responses in a professional and respectful manner.