Network Security Services

Secured Networks

images[5]We understand that every business owner is worried about the security of their data and they should be.

If you are a business owner and you feel like you can’t speak to anyone inside your company about security, we can help.

On-Site Computer Services

We provide onsite computer and system repairs, IT services and managed services

Security Measures We Can Implement

So You Can Sleep at Night

1. Protect your information against data loss with an automated backup solution

2. Protect your business information from unauthorized users

3. Protect against infiltration of viruses and spyware

4. Control access to sensitive materials and proprietary data

5. Keep your business running on a reliable network with little to no downtime

6. Secure remote access to business information and resources from virtually anywhere, anytime for example: access your work computer from home or while you are traveling or on vacation

7. Synchronize your PDA or Blackberry to your home and work computer

8. Reduce non-business use of company computers by eliminating access to certain sites