Network, Computer or Printer Help?
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Network, Computer or Printer Help?

Network, Computer or Printer Help?

Welcome to Advanced Business Systems!  Our intention with our blog is to provide you with a resource to assist with issues you are experiencing across all the types of services that we provide, and hopefully allow you to learn a little more about us along the way.
Advanced Business Systems services consist of Network Design & Maintenance, Computer Repair and Sales, Printer Repair and Sales, Toner Cartridge Sales; and hopefully, we can introduce you to all these services and help you at the same time.
Our goal is that our blog may provide you with a solution, maybe it may answer a question you have had and wanted an answer for or maybe it will identify a problem you didn’t know that you needed to be concerned about.  Maybe we can show you how to better maintain your equipment and other tips for saving on repair costs.
We would also like to hear from you…….what can we do to help you?
What question do you have that you would like to ask, what have you always wondered about regarding your network, or what annoying computer issue seems to happen continuously and for once and for all you would like to know what to do about it.  Maybe it’s as simple as should I shut down my computer every day or leave it on to how do I set up a network for my small business?  Or can I use remanufactured or aftermarket toners or do I always have to use the ones manufactured by the brand of my machine?

Today though I invite you to tour our newly re-designed website!  You will notice that some of the links connect you to other sites that we also have.  Especially when it comes to printer repair, Advanced Business Systems provides laser printer repair service Nationally!  We have sites that promote our services in New York and New Jersey ( and along with and our newest site still under construction

Look for our future blogs to answer some of those questions we posed above and leave us questions in the comments area below that you would like to know answers for.  Our service team is ready to help!
And if we have provided you with services in the past, please visit our Facebook or Google+ page to leave us feedback about the services we provided!
I will leave you with a tip today…………….
When experiencing trouble with your laser printer always utilize the event log or configuration sheet to obtain the last error codes the machine recorded.  These can be printed from the menu on the printer itself.  An event is considered any significant occurrence in the system and are recorded in the machine.
Typically the configuration sheet will include an event log with the last three errors.  An event log will typically have a list of the last 50 errors.  These error codes can assist us tremendously in helping you diagnose the cause of your trouble.  Especially in the case of paper jams, since a paper jam could be caused by many areas of the printer, such as the tray, the input or the output assemblies, or due to a faulty fuser.  The error code associated with the event will help us identify which area of the printer is causing the issue, and ensure that we are always prepared with the needed parts when we arrive, and can complete your repair on the first service call.
If you need help learning how to print either the event log or configuration page for your particular printer model, please let us know we will be happy to walk you through it.
Till next time…………..

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